Ishaan Engineering

Aluminium Stator body of Electric Motor

IE specializes in the manufacture of aluminum motor body castings using the pressure die casting process. Aluminum is melted and injected into a die under high pressure, resulting in a high-volume, accurately dimensioned motor body with a smooth surface finish.

In addition to producing electric motor stator bodies ranging from 63 frame to 132 frame sizes, Ishaan Engineering has recently increased its machine capacity to produce castings up to 160 stator body frame size. The dies used are complex and multi-core, designed to achieve the desired shape of the stator body.

The use of aluminum in motor body casting offers numerous advantages, including lightweight, high strength, and good thermal conductivity. Moreover, aluminum is easily recyclable and more environmentally friendly than other materials, making it a popular choice for motor body casting in various industries.

At IE, the manufacturing process ensures that sturdy, porosity-free, and blowhole-free castings are produced. We also make sure that the castings are made with the required pressure to ensure that they have denser properties, making them better materials for heat dissipation and sturdier quality, providing tough competition to the same parts made from CI material. We have been supplying the top 5 major electric motor manufacturer OEMs in India.

Quality is a top priority at IE, and we strive to ensure that our manufacturing process produces high-quality castings. We employ a rigorous quality management system that encompasses all aspects of production, from design and development to inspection and delivery, and we use various quality control tools and techniques, such as statistical process control, Six Sigma, and total quality management, to ensure consistency and excellence in our products.