Ishaan Engineering

Electric Motor Parts

Motor Body

Motor body is one of the most important components of electric motors. IE has been manufacturing motor bodies of size ranging from 63 FR to 90 FR (Frame size). We have mastered in the manufacturing on motor bodies since last 13 years. We supply to our customers with complete machining, which includes drilling, tapping, blasting.

We have achieved in making thin frame as well as thin finned motor bodies which help out in better heat dissipation and thereby increasing the life and efficiency of the motor. It has also helped in decreasing the weightage of casting.

We have capacity up to 100FR

Non Driving End Cover

  • FRAME SIZES  42, 48 , 56 ,63, 71 ,80, 90

Driving End Cover

  • FRAME SIZES  42, 48 , 56 ,63, 71 ,80, 90

Terminal Box

  • Terminal box is the one which protects the main electrical connections of the motor. We can manufacture terminal boxes from 63FR to 180FR.
  • FRAME SIZES 63, 71 ,80 90,160



Burner Motor