Ishaan Engineering

Home & Kitchen Appliances

Aluminium casting is a favoured method for producing home appliances due to its advantageous features such as its lightweight, high strength, heat conductivity, and corrosion resistance. These properties make it a preferred choice for creating home appliances that require durability, portability, and the ability to endure frequent usage.

Our die-casted parts are utilized in the production of various categories of home appliances.

  • Mixture & Grinder: – The motor’s upper and lower covers utilized in the appliance are produced by our company, as well as the jar cups that are attached to the appliance’s periphery.
  • Fans: – Ishaan Engineering has been manufacturing ceiling fans of various sizes and shapes for a diverse range of customers. Our production includes over 30 different variations of fan covers, which are machined and manufactured by us, including those designed for both induction and BLDC technology. In addition, we produce stands and components for wall, pedestal, and table fans.
  • Refrigerator motor: – These components are compact and are integral to the motor that drives the refrigerator compressor. Our machines produce them, and we have been delivering them to OEMs.
  • Chair base: – To construct a durable chair, a robust metal base is essential. Our machines manufacture metal bases in an array of shapes and sizes to meet specific requirements. The creation of aesthetically pleasing products, such as these, necessitates high-quality molds that we produce in-house.