Ishaan Engineering

About Ishaan

The founding stone of Ishaan Engineering dates back to more than 50 years, when pressure die casting was at very nascent stage as a method of manufacturing aluminum parts in India.

After completing Bachelors in Engineering from UCLA in Mechanical (America), Mr. Jitendra M. Shah returned back and started studying on the processes of manufacturing; especially of pressure die casting. He found wide gap in the industry between the market demand and supply. With his technical understanding & business acumen, from no-experience and by only available means of knowledge via books, he started with small company with holding name of M/s Amkay Die Casting in Mumbai.  

With increasing demand for expansion, the plant was shifted to Vapi (Gujarat) in 1969 and then with further addition of technical partners, a new facility was opened in the city of Bangalore.

“With time mould yourself”

To cater further needs and for strategic concentration of business, a new firm was started by Mr. Nimish J. Shah and Mr.Jitendra M. Shah in Dadra and Nagar Haveli (Union Territory) during 1996 with the name of M/s Ishaan Engineering. Having experience and technical team of previous years, a new journey was started and today it stands as ‘One Stop Solution’ for aluminium die casted parts.

Established in 1996, with 1 die casting machine and output of 50 metric tons per annum, today our firm has capacity to design and manufacture high quality moulds, high pressure die casting machines with automation, complete machining facilities and shot blasting & powder coating solutions. Ishaan Engineering produces excess of 2000 metric tons of processed aluminium casting per annum from its 3 units.

We are an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and also follow SIX SIGMA quality standards in our manufacturing process.

“Sustainability starts at home”

Our plants are equipped with high grade Solar panels, that are linked with rain water harvesting equipment. For health and safety of our employees, our furnaces are electrically powered with safety cut off systems.