Ishaan Engineering


IE has 13 CNC turning centers, which include double spindles that are solely used for machining castings. Each machine is equipped with NABL calibrated air gauges to check the machined components. In addition, we use a bore gauge, height gauge, flat plate, basic vernier, and scales, as well as other gauges to thoroughly inspect the machined parts. Our strict checking process and infrastructure upgrades enable us to maintain a 1.5 CPK level. We have also implemented a corrective system to ensure consistent quality throughout our production process, delivering high-quality products to our customers.

How CNC machining service at Ishaan Engineering can be beneficial for customers

  1. Precision: Our CNC turning centers are capable of producing highly precise parts with tight tolerances, ensuring consistent quality and accuracy in every part produced. This is due to use of superior grade machines and stringent checking of quality.
  2. Efficiency: Our well planned schedules for CNC turning centers allows for fast and efficient production of aluminum castings. Thus we have been able to reduce customer lead times, costs, and improved productivity.
  3. Versatility: CNC turning centers at Ishaan Engineering are highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, making them suitable for producing aluminum castings of various shapes and sizes.
  4. Flexibility: With quick setup systems, our turning centers can be programmed to produce a wide range of aluminum casting parts with different configurations, making them highly adaptable to changing production needs.
  5. Consistency: Our CNC turning centers use computerized controls to ensure consistency in every part produced, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring high-quality finished products. With implementation of special hardwares and customization in the machine itself, we have been able to produce parts with consistency.
  6. Improved safety: Robust CNC turning centers are sturdy and help in reducing the need for manual labor. This minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries. Use of ergonomic systems and infrastructure has helped us to improve workplace safety and reduce worker fatigue.

Overall, the facilities at IE of CNC turning centers can lead to improved quality, faster production times, and reduced costs, making it a highly beneficial technology for customers of various industries.