Ishaan Engineering

Die Design & Manufacturing

Our company boasts two comprehensive tool CAD and CAM stations that are fully equipped with multiple VMCs, EDMs, and other conventional mould manufacturing machines. Our experienced team of tool room machinists and die designers can produce 45-50 tools per year. We have ambitious expansion plans that involve adding more VMC and CNC machines to increase our mould manufacturing capacity to 65-70 tools over the next two years. Additionally, we have partnered with a reputable simulation consultancy firm that provides us with mould flow analysis for large and complex moulds.

We have a diverse range of manufacturing capabilities that cater to various industries, from developing open-close dies for simple parts to complex multi-core dies for electric motor bodies and multi-plate dies for luxury lighting products. Our expertise in recurring tool manufacturing and replacement has earned the trust of our satisfied customers. Additionally, we offer design and manufacturing services for trimming tools, jigs, and fixtures that are required for downstream casting activities.

The mould design is a crucial aspect of ensuring a successful die casting process. At our company, we prioritize designing dies that can withstand the high pressures and temperatures involved in the process while producing accurate, consistent, and defect-free parts throughout their entire lifespan. Our experts carefully select the appropriate die casting machine and design the mould gating system based on the product application and requirements. We carry out precise calculations to ensure a consistent and controlled flow of metal into the die, resulting in parts with the desired characteristics.

Overall, die designing is a critical step in the die casting process and Ishaan Engineering is committed to produce the superior quality of tools for consistent quality.