Ishaan Engineering

Alternator Cover

Ishaan Engineering possesses the expertise to fabricate alternator covers for diverse industries, ranging from automobiles to power generation devices. Alternator covers come in various types, including driving end or non-driving end covers, and they are utilized to safeguard the alternator, which is responsible for generating electrical energy from the engine. Typically made from aluminum due to its lightweight, high durability, and excellent heat dissipation properties, these covers are designed to shield the alternator from environmental elements and potential hazards that could harm the device. Moreover, the use of aluminum or other metal castings enables better heat dissipation, which is critical for preserving the alternator’s performance and longevity. Our in-house die design technology has enabled us to manufacture intricate alternator components. We employ mold flow simulation to ensure optimal results in the production process. We have successfully replaced imported Italian alternator parts and have indigenized them entirely.