Ishaan Engineering

Primer Coating

We have developed a primer coating facility at our premises to cater to the needs of our electric motor OEM customers. This enables them to directly assemble the motors on the production line. The purpose of the primer coating is to extend the life of the part by preventing rusting and oxidation in an open environment. It also improves the overall appearance of the part and provides a uniform finish. We are currently in the initial stages of mass-producing primer-coated parts, and plan to add an entire line dedicated to primer coating to meet the increasing demand for electric motor requirements.

The primer coating serves as a base for the final finish coat, providing better adhesion and preventing corrosion. It also enhances the appearance of the casting and improves the durability of the final finish. Typically, the primer coating is the first step in a multi-layer coating system, followed by the final finish coat, which is applied by the customer after the motor assembly. The coating system can consist of a single layer or multiple layers.