Ishaan Engineering

Terminal / Junction Box

A terminal box is an electrical housing that is designed to safeguard and arrange electrical connections. These boxes are frequently utilized in industrial, commercial, and residential environments to terminate power and control cables, protect electrical components, and provide a central location for connections.

Ishaan Engineering manufactures terminal boxes using high-grade aluminum, which offers various advantages such as its corrosion resistance, heat dissipation capabilities, and lightweight and high strength properties. We provide terminal boxes for electric motors ranging from 63 frame to 250 frame sizes, and our existing facility is capable of producing junction boxes weighing up to 4 kilograms.

Benefits of terminal box manufactured at IE are as follows:-

  1. Connections: The terminal box serves as a centralized location for connecting electrical wires to the motor. It includes terminal blocks and connection points for incoming power and outgoing control signals. At IE, we ensure that these junctions are accurately drilled and tapped to meet the required dimensions.
  2. Protection: Ishaan Engineering has the capability to manufacture terminal boxes according to the specific requirements of our customers, including those that can sustain higher IP ratings. The terminal box plays a vital role in protecting the electrical connections from external elements like dust, moisture, and debris. Additionally, it also ensures that the connections are safeguarded against physical damage, such as impact or vibration.
  3. Easy maintenance: The terminal box makes it easy to access the electrical connections for maintenance or repair. The terminal box can be opened to inspect the connections and to replace any damaged components.
  4. Environmental protection: The use of a terminal box can safeguard electrical connections from environmental hazards, such as corrosive or severe conditions. At IE, our manufactured terminal boxes are free of blow holes and made of aluminum, which makes them highly resistant to corrosion. This quality enables them to provide the necessary protection. The incorporation of aluminum or other corrosion-resistant materials in the terminal box can also help to extend the lifespan of the motor in challenging environments.

Terminal boxes are widely used in various industries to maintain the performance and reliability of electric motors by safeguarding the electrical connections against damage during operation. Ishaan Engineering has acquired expertise in the manufacturing of these boxes, which play a crucial role in different applications.